Clan insella's History of reland

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Would you like to learn about
Irish history?

386 pages
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8 detailed maps
Researched from over 1000
sources including dozens of primary

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The history of the Irish is full of exhilarating stories, noble achievements, cliff-hanging dramas, profound tragedies, and indefatigable perseverance - a history Clan Kinsella helped create. Experience this history. Feel the rush of a warrior during battle, the thrill of a noble engaged in a cattle raid, the concern of a famished farmer during spring ploughing, and the comfort of a feasting clan listening to its file on Hallows Eve.

a lot of general Irish history...
  • Assess how the Origin myths of the Gaels hold up against
    archaelogical research
  • Discover who the early Irish were and what their culture was like
  • Glimpse the ancient Irish sense of honor through tales of such heros
    as Cuchulainn and Finn MacCool
  • Read how St.Patrick converted the Irish
  • Learn how the Vikings impacted the Irish and their society
  • Follow Brian Boru through his transformation of Irish rule
  • Understand how the Irish, once so feared by the people of England, became
    subjects of that country
  • The book continues by covering such historical events as:
    Oliver Cromwell's arrival in Ireland
    The Battle of the Boyne
    The 1798 Rebellion
    The Great Famine
    The Easter Rebellion of 1916
    Today's Celtic Tiger


...along with specific Kinsella history

Castle at Ferns
  • Learn how the first Kinsella gained this name in the 3rd century
  • Read quotes about Kinsellas from ancient Irish manuscripts
  • Find out how the Viking raids impacted Hy Kinsella (our ancestral territory)
    and how we fought against them
  • Discover why one of the most notorious men in Irish history, our ancestor
    Dermot MacMurrough, invited the English into Ireland
  • See the Kinsella lineage as recorded in the 12th century Book of Leinster
  • Follow a day in the life of a 12th century farmer from Hy Kinsella
  • Understand how the Kinsellas managed to save their ancient traditions
    for so long
  • Glimpse the horror of the Great Famine and read anecdotes about Kinsellas
    who fled for new lands
  • Recapture some of your ancient inheritance by reading stories passed down
    through generations of Kinsellas and now printed for the first time

ook in the book
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id you know...
  • The name Kinsella was earned by a king at the end of his victorious battle?
  • Some of Ireland's greatest High Kings were Kinsellas?
  • While Brian Boru solidified the concept of High King, one of our ancestors
    went further and attempted to create a royal Irish monarchy like England's?
  • How the blinding of one ancestor caused Clan Kinsella to lose their chance
    to be kings of Leinster?
  • Why the name Kinsella isn't as common as Murphy or O'Kelly?
  • How many Kinsellas were forced to move to the wastes of Connaught
    during the Cromwellian years?
  • Of the deprivations the Kinsellas faced during the Great Famine?
  • Why the death of a Kinsella helped transform English land policy in Ireland?
  • Where the Kinsellas still hail from in Ireland today?

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